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Automatic Doors in Puerto Vallarta

  • Fold

    The ideal solution where space is limited.

  • Sliding

    The system of automatic sliding door is the basis of many possible solutions to develop. Their high operational supply allows individual inputs and outputs, ensuring optimal flow of people.

  • Ascending

    Upward American style doors are perhaps the most commonly used for automate acces to home and residences, there are many different types and materials.

  • Swing

    Mechanism drive of folding doors allows the automation of both doors as existing wheter light or heavy.

  • Rolling

    They are the perfect solution for commercial and / or residential where access is required to have complete visibility into their business premises or guaranteeing the security and functionality of a Rolling curtain with an excellent image abroad.

Access trough automatic doors offer better quality of life and comfort for everyone, without barriers. So, parents worried about their childrens, travelers with luggage people in wheelchair or with mobility trouble, people laden with shopping bags, thank the doors open alone, without touching them and freedom movement that entails.

It is also easy to imagine that, in hygiene, may involve not having to touch a dirty surface at the entrance to public services.

Types of doors


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Access control

Model: Park Plus Dual TD & TR

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Access control

Model: Park Plus Ticket

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Automatic access

Tourniquets and guardian

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Central access control

keypad, intercom and receiver