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Parts and Accessories

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Control m&q

Control Echo

Control Merik
Compatibility With all equipments With GENIUS original radio With Merik 350 M, Merik 350 H, Merik 200 H, Merik 2000C
  • Standard Radio Control 3 buttons (893LMAXLMK).
  • Control up to three devices:
    • Garage openers
    • Industrial gate operators
    • MyQTM light fixtures with powerful control technology with this radio
  • Multiple frequency of Security + 2.0TM virtually eliminates any interference
  • Frequency 433MHz 4 channels
  • Bravo controls support comfortable design for user
  • 12v battery
  • Modern Design
  • 100% Compatible with previous Merik controls
  • Included in Kits: Merik 350M, Merik 350H, 200H Merik, Merik 2000C
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Start button

Mini Control

Compatibility With equipments 511 and 711 Merik With equipments 511 and 711 Merik With equipment Merik 711
  • With constant lighting, doorbell button opens and closes your garage door. It is installed inside the home. With the start button can be programmed transmitters.
  • It is a miniature version of our remote control transmitter with multiple functions. Its size allows carry in your pocket, in the handbag or keychain.
  • KIT MYQ engine compatible with Liftmaster m & q and merik 711
  • With MyQ technology you can keep in touch with your home wherever you find yourself using your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer.
  • MyQ allows you to manage, monitor and control from the lights in your yard until your garage opener and Anywhere-Want-You Need It
  • MyQ Control Panel (888LM)
  • Internet gateway (828LM)
  • MAX remote 3-button control technology Security + 2.0 (893MAXLMK)
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Central MT 4000/2

Central MT 10000/4

Central M 2000

It is a central access control that controls up to 4,000 users and has a memory of events off-line 2,000 transits.

They can be assigned the following limitations to certain groups of users:

  • Entries in slots
  • Posts limits of use
  • Provisional validity of the card recognition

It has 2 inputs for readers and 2 main relay outputs. It also has 2 inputs and 2 auxiliary outputs.

SWAMIGO using software control, system configuration and user programming is done.

It is a central control that controls access to 10,000 users and has a memory of events off-line of 16,000 transits.

It has 4 inputs for readers and 4 main relay outputs. It also has 4 inputs and 4 auxiliary outputs. Using the control software SWAMIGO system configuration and user programming is done.

They can be assigned the following limitations to certain groups of users:

  • Entries in slots
  • Posts usage limit
  • Provisional validity of the card recognition

Central access control equipped with 2 inputs for external readers. M 2000 offers the same functions as the central M 1000E and also allows:

  • Set for each relay activation time (in timer operation)
  • Relay associate each one of the four available channels in the radio transmitter
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Interphone SAT EL 25

Receiver Passport

Anti vandalism keyboard

Allows resident to control access 1-4 in a housing unit, using the telephone line, no need to wire every home an intercom.

Connects the visitor with the selected resident. Accepts remote controls and proximity readers

  • Anti- Pass back
  • Routed calls
  • Call waiting
  • Reports Access
  • 22000 access codes caducables keyboard
  • 64 hours segmented programming
  • Lock / unlock access by time
  • PC monitoring optional
  • 5000 proximity cards (26 b) with / without expiration
  • Database of events, residents
  • The Security + 2.0 ™ technology has twice the capacity of radio range of standard remote controls.
  • Compatible with HomeLink Wireless Control System
  • It supports standard protocol Wiegand 26, 30, 31, 34 and 50 bits
  • Designed for outdoor environments
  • Doubles the memory module to be extracted included parareceptores additional programming or safe storage
  • 12,000 remote capability
  • Antenna 9 "including

Metal keypad with backlight, independent, 2000 users, 1 relay output 3A + 1 open collector output.

  • 26 bit Wiegand output
  • 26 bit Wiegand input
  • IP67
  • Intensive
  • Metal box
  • Cable 1 meter
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Biometico keyboard DUO

Digital key

It is a biometric and proximity terminal for professional care and access control developed to increase the control and security of small and medium enterprises.

Integrates fingerprint identification, Mifare proximity access control functions, including modern and sleek design and reliable quality.

  • It is conveniently mounted outside the garage
  • Open and close the garage door by entering a four-digit private key without using the remote control and keys
  • 10,000 modifiable combinations offer added security
  • Lighting when any key is pressed
  • Wiring required for operation
  • Compatible with all computers