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24v automatic hydraulic barrier

Brand: Merik
Model: B680H
Type of use: Industrial
Package content:
  • Pivoting round pocket barriers
  • Bar linkage kit
  • Pocket and balancing spring S
  • Pocket and balanced spring L
  • Built traffic light flasher
  • 2m skirt kit. Round barrier length for S / L
  • Round foot barrier terminal S / L
  • Emergency Battery Kit XBA T 24


24v automatic hydraulic barrier Merik

Reliability and performance in safety

The barrier B680H Merik has a hybrid heart, next to the springs "of infinite duration" it allows overcoming 2,000,000 cycles of continuous use and up feathers 8m in less than 6 seconds, in complete safety thanks to an obstacle to investment.

Great flexibility and logistic optimization
  • With a single model can be controlled way 2 m to 8 m Net light. Thanks to its modular bars, B680H is a versatile and easy to handle barrier.
Magnetic encoder
  • Absolute encoder for full control of the movement and investment to an obstacle: thus the impact curve so that pedestrian crossings are also within the existing rules are respected.
Electrical protection
  • The switching power supply of high energy efficiency and long range ensures operation of the barrier of 100 Vac to 240 Vac, so it is immune to changes in voltage present in non-ideal networks.
Built traffic light flasher
  • The traffic light flasher is fully incorporated into the structure so that it can not be damaged. The function of the red and green LED high efficiency can be programmed by card.
Elliptical modular bars
  • Reach lengths from 2.3 to 8.3 meters in modular sections for easy transport. The board is invisible once assembled and can incorporate LED lighting along the entire bar. All bars are round or elliptical section and are supplied with windproof protective rubber on the underside.
Springs "of infinite duration"
  • B680H springs have been made to overcome 2,000,000 cycles.
Hybrid heart 24v
  • The hydraulic pump with brushless motor allows long or short rods move at high speed and in continuous cycle (100% duty cycle)
Security Batteries
  • Installing the module XBAT 24 (dealtas battery performance nickel-metal hydride) battery charger provided with the operation of the B680H is guaranteed even without primary power.
Sophisticated electronics with built-Loop Detector
  • Microprocessor electronic card E680 ensures the integration of complex systems B680H management. In fact, it has many programmable inputs and outputs and a connector for GSM, Ethernet and Wi-Fi modules. Detector Loop incorporated two high sensitivity can reduce system costs.
Removable pan
  • The bearing housing is not, and can be easily changed without removing the strut. It is available in stainless steel or steel version with the innovative treatment against corrosion Epoxy Primer 100 microns galvanized, paint available in four colors. Easy to assemble: once installed upright with pocket and the bar, the casing must be inserted just up to the base. To replace it is sufficient to move the bindings and pull back up without having to disassemble the entire barrier.

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Product Specifications:
Electric power: 100 ÷ 240 Vac 50 (60) Hz
Electronic engine: 36 Vdc Brushless
Power: 240 W
Current Comsuption: 1,1 A (a 230 V)
Motor rotation speed: 1.000 ÷ 6.000 rpm
Pump capacity: 3,2 l/min (máx.)
Electronic anti-crushing system: Absolute encoder
Ambient operating temperature: -20°C ÷ +55°C
Weight: 85 kg (65 kg cuerpo + 20 kg carter)
Oil type: FAAC HP OIL
Barrier body treatment: TGalvanized treatment against corrosion epoxy paint 100 microns
Degree of protection: IP44
Bar type: Round or elliptical with security lights and rubber edge
Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm: 469x279x1100

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