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Automatic access

Brand: Merik
  • Electromagnets
  • Turnstiles
  • Guardian
Uses: Commercial

What is Access Control?

It is to manage input and output (permit, restrict) certain areas by a security interface.

Where implement parking management?

Mainly in public parking lots.


Equipment to control pedestrian flows

Main applications: office, business


The BEA maglocks offer the best protection for any application access control.

The status LED is included with models 600 lb and 1200 lb. The output relay link state provides output "Normally Open" or "normally closed" (not included in the model 100 lb.)

  • No special tools required
  • Necessary installation hardware are included for common applications
  • Efficient interface terminal screw access relay output
  • Supported by a lifetime warranty "MAGLIFE" smoothly


Accurate and quiet, Bridge is ideal for controlling the input and output in small and medium sports complexes, supermarkets and businesses.

The small size occupied by all favor their access limited installation space, allowing installation of several turnstiles to expedite the movement of people.


High security turnstile big hits

Guardian is ideal for providing security at large solution, even unmanned ones with high traffic of people. Made to be installed outdoors.

Guardian is employed at airports, sea ports, large companies, railway stations, metro and stadiums.

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