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Hidraulic Swing open bars 200H

Brand: Merik
Model: 200H
Type of use: Residential
Package content: 2 pistons, 2 controls, 2 hardware couple, 1 brain container, 1 receiver

Quality, performance and security

Designed for swing gates of 250 kg and measures up to 2m each sheet. And 50 operating cycles per hour.


Hidraulic Swing open bars Merik 200H

The equipment Merik 200H easily automated with bars and heavy continuos use including industrial, 2 meters in length doors environments.

  • This model provides suitable performance even in extreme climates, regardless of weather conditions. (-10ºC +60ºC).
  • The compact monoblock characterized in that all components are bathed in oil for continuos lubrication and cooling.
Anti-Crushing System
  • Two sensitive valves bypass characterize the hydraulic device, offering maximum protection against crushing.
  • The hydraulic device require little maintenance and offers savings in electricity comsuption.
  • The strength of the hydraulic locking system provides exceptional ti intrusion attempts.
  • The precision mechanic and the use of oil as motor fluid movements provide silent.
  • The keys, unlock the system in case of emergencies or blackouts, making fences and gates activate manually.

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Product Specifications:
Transmitters: 2 channels
Frequency 433 mhz
Transmitter tecnology: Rolling code
Transmitter tecnology: Llavero
Capacity transmitter: 64
Frequency 433 mhz
Receiver type: Included in the brain
Power of the receiver: 24 v
Operating voltage: ±10% 110 v
Pushing force: 3000 N ó 300 kg.
Rod speed: 14 mm/s
Pump flow: 1.2 l/min
Degree of Protecction: IP 55
Hydraulic system locking: Yes
Desbloqueo manual: Yes
Power: 250w
maximum blade length: 2m
Electronic brain  
Terminal strip accessories: Yes
Power strip input voltage: Yes
Terminal strip motor and lamp: Yes
Disconnecting strip lock: Yes
Fuse: cataforesis
Operating logic: 3 Step, Automatic, pushbutton
Automatic closing time: Adjustable up to 2 minutes
Pedestrian opening: Yes
Delay in closing sheet: Adjustable up to 90 sec
Hammer: Yes
Keypad connection: Yes
Connection for photocell: Yes
Connection for loop: Yes
Wireless Receiver: Yes
24v power outlet: Yes
110v lamp connection: Yes

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