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Open hinged gates FAAC 422

Brand: Merik
Model: FAAC 422
Type of use: Residencial
Package content: 2-piston, 2 controls (transmitters), 2 sets of hardware, one container with brain 1 Receiver.

Easy installation without costly modifications

Safety, durability, power and silence are the advantages offered by its hydraulic system.


Open hinged gates FAAC 422

The Merik FAAC 422 consists of a compact hydraulic anabolic:all components are lubricated with continuous cooling, It also has a microprocessor electronic system that connects all additional security accessories.

High reliability
  • It contains two by-pass valves which provide maximum security anti crushing.
  • Has high resistance to atmospheric agents resulting in durability.
  • This hydraulic system requires little maintenance with reduced costs of electricity.
  • in emergencies or failures in the electricity supply, a personalized key unlocks the computer allowing manual use.
  • This equipment is designed to be used in the open even at extreme temperatures
  • Precision engineering and the use of oil provide silent movements.

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Product Specifications:
Tensile force (daN): 500
Forward movement of the rod (mm): 240
Stem linear velocity (cm/s): 1.3
Use frequency (cycles/hr): 55
Pump flow (1/min): 1
Hydraulic locking: (2)
maximum blade length (m): 1.8
Electric power: 120vac -6 + 10%
Power consumption (W): 220
Current consumption (A): 1
Thermal protection in the winding: 120°C
Ambient temperature: -40°C + 55°C
Degree of Protecction: IP55

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