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Open sliding bars 844

Brand: Merik
Model: 844
Type of use: Industrial
Package content: 844 operator, master control, zipper

Warranty and simplicity in an inimitable product

The model 844 features a special anti-crushing double-disc clutch in oil bath ensuring thrust regulation 0-190 kgf.

Its continuous technological evolution has shaped an inimitable product.


Open sliding bars Merik 844

The 844 operator was intended to operate in the most simple and convenient way heavier gates and doors of commercial or industrial type.

Useful life
  • Constant lubrication of mechanical components and assembly into a single body of high strength aluminum ensure a very long service life.
Compact esthetics
  • The electronic equipment is housed inside the gear motor for quick and easy installation.
Quality irreversible
  • The irreversibility of the gearmotor prevents the installation of electric locks, in case of a power outage, a key release device allows the opening of the gate.
Great innovation
  • All controls come from an elaborate system microprocessor to the forefront of automated security. Space door stop can be programmed electronically.

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Product Specifications:
Electric power: 220 Vac (+6% -10% 50-60Hz)
Power: 650 Watts
Conduction ratio: 01:30
Pinion type: Z16 - Z20
Zipper: módulo 4
Thermal protection winding: 120 °C
Frequency of use: 30%
Temperature (°C): -20 ÷ +55
Gearmotor Weight (Kg): 14,5
Degree of Protecction: IP 44
Maximum weight (Kg): 1800 (Z16) - 1000 (Z20)
Speed (m/min): 9,5 (Z16) - 12 (Z20)
Max length (m): 40 (Z16) - 50 (Z20)
Protective treatment: cataforesis
End of career: Magnet, WITHOUT outlet
Absorbed current (A): 3,5

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