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Rolling Curtains Service Door

Brand: Merik
Type of use: Industrial
Market: Industrial, commercial and institutional
Model: Service Door


- Made with semi flat board in firstcorrosive galvanized sheet sizes 22 and 24, provide a durability that exceeds any existing specification in the market.

- For operation in heavy traffic, this model is the best and most common type applications service door curtains.


Rolling Curtains Service Door

Rolling steel curtains merik Door Service is designed to provide the highest quality setting for heavy duty curtains.

Manufactured in sizes 22 and 24 only, to provide years of useful life, maintenance and a competitive price against traditional rolling steel curtains.

The model for heavy duty service door is the perfect solution for industrial applications where opening and closing cycles in large quantities are required.

Maximum dimensions of 24 'wide x 24' high under normal manufacturing conditions, however, we can manufacture curtains larger special orders.

  • Area Separation
  • Protection environments
  • high security
  • Pedestrian and motorized traffic
  • Heavy duty
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Residential

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Product Specifications:
Use: Rude
Curtain: Pain semi-flat steel
Caliber: 22 y 24
Barrel: Service Door balancing system. Structural 4 "minimum diameter
Guides: Fifteen thousand cycles
Angle: Structural steel
System: Structural bottom floor 14 gauge neoprene seal
Dimensions: Sure Lock to prevent movement and keep aligned the stave
Optionals: "Since 16 'wide x 16' high, up to 24 'wide x 24' galvanized altoCubre rolloGuías A2000 with silencer and wind loads" signal
Supports: "Made angle permanentementeResortes estructuralBaleros sealed and lubricated hardened steel helical coal oil for 15 000 cycles"
Operation: Pulse. Chain mechanism and motorized
Warranty: 12 months from date of shipment

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