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Rolling Curtains A5120 A5190

Brand: Merik
Type of use: Industrial
Market: Comercial and institutional
Model: Rolling Curtains A5120 and A5190

Comercial and residential Solutions

They are the perfect solution for commercial and / or residential where access is required to have complete visibility into their business premises or guaranteeing the security and functionality of a Rolling curtain with an excellent image abroad.


Rolling Curtains A5120 and A5190

Rolling steel curtains merik A5120 and A5190 provide a comprehensive security solution comfort and image to the pace of work of modern business.

The curtain merik A5120 model is manufactured from polycarbonate staves 9 cm high resistant against corrosion and UV rays intertwined with aluminum edges in different colors to ensure sufficient rigidity in the shade, ideal for business access solutions to maintain a large, pleasant inside the commercial view.

The merik curtain model A5190 is manufactured based staves polycarbonate 13 cm high resistant to corrosion and against UV intertwined with aluminum edges to ensure sufficient rigidity in the shade, ideal for solutions where required to have a higher vision and light path within their premises.

  • area divider
  • Commerciales
  • Light use
  • Security and Image
  • Titanium
  • Ivory

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Product Specifications:
  • The curtains merik A5120 and A5190 provide lighting in their premises without need to turn the interior light saving energy
  • Due to the integration of internal or external motor provide comfort and safety for users in opening and closing.
  • not require locks or pins as internal or external motor provides security to prevent opening the curtain on the outside.
  • They provide an excellent image to be according to the presentation of your business.

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