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Open garage doors 511M

Brand: Merik
Model: 511M
Type of use: Residential
Package content: 2-piston, 2 controls (transmitters), 2 sets of hardware, one container with brain 1 Receiver.

The unique for any type of automation!

This equipment is designed for any kind of opening doors with a perfect performance in applications from Mexican garages.


Open garage doors 511M

The team Merik 511M is the only garage door openers fully designed for applications Latin American garages.

Its design allows more than 15 applications since installed in any direction according to the architectural conditions.

  • The programming of transmitters is the start button. This prevents unwanted transmitters can be programmed from outside the property.
Automatic closing timer
  • Included for 10 to 45 sec .; 2 and 3 min. Installation of security photosensors required.
  • You dr illing in the car br and offset a conventional padlock for safety equipment is placed.
  • It includes double sprocket teeth 6 and 8 for convenient use in terms of speed and distance regulation.
Emergency system
  • Unlock the equipment allowing manual operation in case of power failures.

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Product Specifications:
Motor 1/2 HP
Electric power: 120V
Thermal protection: De línea
Lubrication: Permanente
Parking: cable and chain
Motor rotation speed: 1500 RPM
Reduction: 16:1
Union Door: arm
Travel speed: 15 - 28 cm/seg
Two ladybugs: 6 y 8 teeth
Electric system  
Voltage: 120
Watts: 540
Current: 6 A
Cable: 1.22 Am


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