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Open sliding bars 884 Merik

Brand: Merik
Model: 884
Type of use: Industrial
Package content: 844 operator, master control, zipper

Strength in industrial applications

Endorsed for use in industrial applications. The frequency of continuous use allows you to operate up to 3,500 kg bars.


Open sliding bars 884 Merik

The 884 operator has a particular edge safety device two-disc oil immersed regulating thrust.

  • Use for industrial applications is supported by the characteristics of the geared motor, enabling uninterrupted use frequency for gates up to 3,500 kg.
  • The housing cataphoresis treated steel and finished with polyester paint resists any environmental aggression and extreme temperatures.
  • The structure allows installing the operator in structures that have particular installation requirements.
Security system
  • The engine braking device avoids the use of electric locks. In case of power failure, release lever accessible from the inside of the casing allows you to move the gate manually.

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Product Specifications:
Phase supply: 220 ó 440 VAC (3Ph, 3Ph+N
Power: 850 Watts
Force Pull: 0 500 daN
Current Comsuption: 2.7 A/1.6 A
Rotation speed: 1,400 rev/min.
Ambient temperature: -20°C + 50°C
Weight: 50kg
Degree of Protecction: IP 55
Speed of the gate: 10 m/min
Maximum weight of the gate: 3500 kg
Thermal protection: 120° C
Pinion: 16 module 6

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