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Rolling Curtains A2000

Brand: Merik
Type of use: Industrial
Market: Industrial, commercial, institutional
Model: Rolling Curtains A2000


- Semi flat blind slats, punched and perforated, resistant to micro climate.

- Guides galvanized steel silencer and corrosion resistant PVC talus provides a soft seal against the floor.


Rolling Curtains A2000

The rolling curtains Merik 2000 are the best cost-benefit option for industrial or comercial type Applications.

The design of this series greatly reduces the ongoing maintenance associated with conventional steel curtains, also offers too extensive life time never before seen in lightweight curtains.

The use of modern materials and unique design, have enabled merik curtain design concept for the XXI century.

  • The curtain in the open position not obstructing the space or the ceiling light
  • All parts of constant maintenance have been eliminated
  • It provides more open-close cycles than any similar product more expensive
  • The finish prevents corrosion
  • It is designed for easy and simple operation, either impulse or motorized chain
  • The Surelock system replaces the traditional insurance system side, which greatly reduces maintenance
  • Easy and quick installation
  • The curtain is rolled onto the sill to prevent clogging of the total clear
  • By design, the curtain does not require the use of cables, bearings or hinges
  • The shade is available in white paint on the galvanized steel sheet
  • The staves are always kept in line with its Surelock system
  • Spring balancing system on the drum

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Product Specifications:
Use: Light
Curtain: Pain semi-flat in galvanized steel with anti-corrosive first "Galvacolor" white guy
Calibr: 22 y 24
Barrel: A2000 system balancing hollow shaft 1 "schedule 40 of 10 000 cycles
Guides: Galvanized steel mufflers included
Angle: Structural bottom floor with neoprene seal
System: Sure Lock to prevent movement and keep aligned the stave
Dimensions: From 5 'wide x 5' tall to 17 'wide x 17' height.
Options: Roll covers wind load
Supports: Skin made of galvanized structural steel angle lime. 24, I set to cast iron discs. Sealed and permanently lubricated bearings. Coil springs tempered steel coal oil for 10 000 cycles
Operation: Mechanical and motorized drive chain
Warranty: 12 months from date of shipment

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