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Access control Park Plus Dual TD & TR

Brand: Merik
Type of use: Commercial

Control what Login?

It is to manage input and output (permit, restrict) certain areas by a security interface.

Where implement parking management?

Mainly in public parking lots.


Access control PARK PLUS DUAL TD & TR Merik

With access control PARK PLUS DUAL TD & TR Merik manages input and output (permit, restrict) certain areas by a security interface. This may be pedestrian or vehicular.

A single column runs two ways: input and output.

Input via the front side - ticket dispenser outlet through the backside - ticket reader.

The same characteristics as the ticket dispenser and ticket reader columns Parkplus.

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Product Specifications:

Issuance of admission ticket and reading proximity cards

  • Outdoor cabinet with access from both sides
  • L360xP360xH1220 mm Dimensions
  • Thermostatically controlled heating plate
  • Local intercom system or line Tel. (Optional)
  • 2D thermal printer with cutter group
  • Ticket 2D barcode, dimensions 86 x 60 mm
  • Maximum range of 9000 paper tickets with 80 gr. / M 2
  • Issuance of quick ticket to high flows
  • Passive proximity reader for cards, subscriber management users and rechargeable cards
  • Long range remote reader (optional)
  • Built vehicle detection by inductive metal detector
  • Communication with data concentrator RS485 or in LAN

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