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Roller Swing open gates

Brand: Merik
Model: Roller
Type of use: Residential
Package content: 2 Operators, 2 controls (transmitters), 2 sets of hardware, one container with brain 1 Receiver.

Electromechanism high reliability

Suitable for bars and residential doors with a sheet size of 2.5 meters. longitudinal. Its completely invisible installation does not interfere with the architectural appearance of the building.


Roller Swing open gates

Roller function Merik antisquashing is guaranteed by an electronic device installed in the master control that directly controls the engine stop.

Motion detection
  • Anticorrosion coating has a high resistance to atmospheric agents. It is completely waterproof when it rains, so their durability and safety are implied.
Effectively supporting
  • The Roller is designed with a box lift Cal. For automating gates and doors up to 500 kg. per sheet, which greatly simplifies installation.
  • Maintenance is minimal and is facilitated by the ability to access the operator without removing the gate or door. The optimum mechanical efficiency of the system ensures a limited power consumption.

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Product Specifications:
Electric power: 110 VAC
Motor: Electric
Power: 380 W
Current Comsuption: 1.7 A
Pinion angular velocity: 6°/ s
Thermal protection: 140°C
Cycles per hour: 20/hr
Par: 330 Nm
Degree of Protecction: IP 67
Maximum opening: 110º/180º kit
Maximum Length of Leave:: 2.5 m
Maximum weight per leaf: 500 kg

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