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Open sliding gates Milord Merik

Brand: Merik
Model: Milord
Type of use: Residential
Package content: Automatic Milord 1, 2 Remote Control 1 Receiver 1 Master Control, zip, battery (24V Version)

Linear paths warranty

A practical package, consisting of a geared motor with integrated master control and mounting plate, bars and automates new or existing doors.


Open sliding gates Milord Merik

A practical Milord operator formed by a gear motor with integrated master control and mounting plate, bars and automates new or existing doors.

Electronic security
  • The anti-crushing function is ensured by an electronic device that directly regulates the engine stop. For safety photocells are available, which emit a steady same infrared ray to be interrupted or gate returns the gate to its open position.
  • l Milord 500, 24v and 1000 offer side trips at any latitude and in the most varied demands of service.
  • The master control is located inside the gear motor for quick and easy installation. The dimensions make them ideal for residential applications.
Irreversible system
  • The irreversibility of the gearmotor avoids the need to install electric locks, in case power failure, release device with customized key to open or close the gate or door manually. Version with battery backup provides comfort in case of failure in the power supply.

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Product Specifications:
Electric power: 110 vac
Power: 350 w
Absorption: 1.5 A
Reduction ratio: 1:25
Pinion: Z16
Maximum setting: 18Nm
Maximum thrust: 45 dan
Ambient operating temperature: -20ºC +55ºC
Operator weight: 10kg
Degree of Protecction: IP 44
Maximum weight of the gate: 500kg
Speed of the gate: 12m/min
Maximum length of the gate: 15m
Use frequency (cycles / hr): 18, 30%
zipper: Module 4 6m galvanized steel C40
Backup power: N.D.

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