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Swing open bars G-Bat

Trademark: Merik
Model: G-Bat
Type of use: Residential
Package contents: 2 pistonts, 2 controls (transmisors), 2 sets of hardware, 1 container with brain, 1 receiver.

Low maintenance aerodynamic automatation.

The gate swing open G-Bat is simple and quick to install, not require costly modifications to existing structures.

Por su tecnología electromecánica, resulta ideal en maniobras de espacio comprometido.


Swing open bars Merik G-Bat

The G-Bat characteristic operator has a quick and easy installation does not require costly modifications to existing structures. For its electromechanical technology is ideal maneuvers committed space

  • No matter what the weather conditions are, the G-BAT performs its functions even in extreme temperature environments (-20 ° C to +55 ° C).
Service and maintenance
  • The electromechanical device requires very little maintenance.
  • Cuenta con un dispositivo irreversible, por lo que no se requiere de una cerradura eléctrica ni pestillos. Abre y cierra una o dos hojas.
Release system
  • System release reliable and safe for the user of the computer.
  • In the absence of electricity, the G-BAT can operate the doors manually using your keys.
Programmable Features
  • Used to delay a leaf either the closure or opening. Regula movement time, pause time and the starting torque and deceleration both close to the opening.
Made with high quality materials
  • Gears of irreversible system, a very safe quality equipment manufactured with high quality materials.

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Product Specifications:
Voltage: 110 V + 6 -10%
Maximun temperature: -20 +70ºC
Push force: 3500 N
Speed: 1.6 cm. / seg.
Doors max length: 2 hojas de 3 m.
Height: 2.5 a 3 m.
Cycles per hour: 18
Power: 280w
Degree of protection: IP 54

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